Why is it that when it comes to air duct cleaning, cheaper isn’t always better?

Regardless of what they are buying, everyone likes and seeks a “good deal.” We often go to great lengths to explore and negotiate the finest possible price. Nothing is wrong with it! On the other hand, when we picked the cheaper price, we were all dissatisfied and sad. The differences in what a consumer may really get for a home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) duct cleaning service may be not just significant — but enormous.
The Difficulties of an HVAC System
You don’t want to be duped when it comes to air duct prices. “$299 or less duct cleaning” or “Whole House Duct Cleaning $10/vent.” They may seem to be a good offer to an inexperienced consumer. According to the seasoned professional, these offerings are a consumer nightmare and almost probably a scam
Important Questions to Think About
A wise shopper should enquire about how a duct cleaning company works before making a hiring decision. What kind of gear do they have? Is there any training or certification available? How long does the service take to complete? All of these enquiries will provide you with a better understanding of what they will get in return for the service. Cleaning all of the system’s components in an average-sized house with one AC unit should take 2-5 hours.
Be wary of low-cost air duct cleanings as a Buyer!