The Top Advantages of HVAC Cleaning

According to NADCA, “if your air ducts seem unclean, they definitely are,” and dirty HVAC systems should be evaluated by a reliable, trained HVAC technician. Other reasons why homeowners prefer to have their air ducts cleaned are listed below.

Air Quality in the Home
When it comes to air duct cleaning, one of the main concerns that homeowners have is indoor air quality. Your heating and cooling system is your home’s lungs. The mechanism breaths in and breathes out air.

We produce a large amount of toxins and air pollutants in the course of our daily lives, such as dander, dust, and chemicals, in our homes. On average, these impurities are drawn into the HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times each day. This re-circulation causes pollutants to accumulate in the duct construction over time. While dirty ducts do not always indicate unhealthy air in your home, school, or workplace, they may be contributing to larger health issues or harboring contaminants that can cause serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders, or certain environmental allergies.

Savings on Energy
According to the United States Department of Energy, 25 to 40% of the energy needed to heat or cool a home is wasted. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system make it work harder and limit its life. Despite the usage of filters, the heating and cooling system becomes filthy during routine use.

When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the desired temperature. As a consequence, less energy is consumed, resulting in increased cost-effectiveness.

Locate a Professional
When you’re ready to tackle those air ducts, hire a trained contractor to guarantee the task is done correctly.