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Start the New Year With Clean Air Ducts

The new year is a great time to tackle home improvement projects and get your house in order. One important task that is often overlooked is cleaning the air ducts in your home. Air ducts can accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens over time, which gets circulated through your home’s HVAC system and can lead to poor indoor air quality. Read on to learn why cleaning your air ducts should be on your list of new year’s resolutions this 2024.

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

There are several benefits to having clean air ducts in your home:

Improves air quality. Dirty air ducts circulate dust and allergens throughout your home, aggravating allergies and respiratory issues. Proper cleaning removes these pollutants, providing cleaner indoor air.
Increases HVAC efficiency. Dirty air ducts put strain on your heating and cooling system, making it work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. Clean ducts allow systems to run more efficiently.
Reduces dust buildup. Cleaning ducts eliminates dust accumulation on surfaces in your home caused by dirty air circulation. This cuts back on dusting chores.
Prevents mold growth. Dust and dirt provide food for mold spores. Keeping your air ducts clean inhibits mold growth and its associated health hazards.
When to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Most experts recommend cleaning your air ducts every 3-5 years. Some signs it’s time to clean include:

Visible dust around vents and registers
Decreased airflow from vents
Musty odors circulating from vents
Recently done renovations or construction projects
Pets in the home
Smokers in the household
Homeowners with allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues may need to clean ducts more frequently.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

A professional air duct cleaning company will use specialized tools to dislodge dirt and debris in your air duct system and then vacuum it out. Typical steps include:

Inspecting all ductwork with a high-powered vacuum and brush.
Using compressed air or a mechanical brush to loosen embedded dirt.
Vacuuming to remove loose dirt and suck up any remaining debris.
Applying anti-microbial spray to inhibit future mold growth.
Reputable companies will also sanitize the interior surfaces once cleaned. The whole process for a typical home takes about 3-4 hours.

Maintaining Clean Air Ducts

To keep your air ducts clean longer:

Change HVAC filters regularly
Address any moisture issues to prevent mold
Have ducts professionally cleaned every few years
Vacuum duct supply and return vents regularly.