Questions To Ask Before Agreeing To Any Air Duct Cleaning Service

What does the Air Duct Cleaning Service include?

You should always ask what you are paying for when agreeing to a duct cleaning service. It’s as simple as saying “What is the total cost of the Air Duct Cleaning Service?”. The price that is offered is not necessarily the final price. To ensure that there are no additional fees and costs added on top of the cost of the service, confirm with the HVAC company what is included in the price. You don’t want to be shocked when they give you the final bill with all the extra fees.

What Measures Will You Take to Protect My Home from Dust and Dirt?

When getting an air duct cleaning, keep in mind it is a dirty job. Dirt and dust is collected in the air ducts and have been hiding for quite some time. All it takes is for a small breeze to release it into the air. Most companies will protect your furniture and surfaces if asked.

Do you have any references or reviews?

If so far you want to go ahead and use them, ask for some honest reviews. They should not have any issues pointing you in the right direction. You can also go ahead and ask for references. Also make sure to do your homework, research, and ask around about the company. A company with lots of experience should be consistent with its work ethics and abilities.