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Odors Can Become Trapped in Dust

Pet and cigarette smoke may remain in a property for a long time after the previous owners have moved out. Carpet cleaning and wall priming/painting will assist get rid of the smell, but they often won’t be able to accomplish it on their own. Duct cleaning is where it’s at! The dust in your ducts may trap scents like those from pets, cigarettes, and other substances. To permanently eliminate these smells, we clean and treat the HVAC system with an Antimicrobial.

Keep in mind that, contaminants that enter your ductwork will accumulate over time. As air circulates through your ductwork, it distributes those containments throughout your house. In reality, air circulates up to 5 to 7 times each hour throughout your house, which means that the same contaminants such as dust, mold, dirt, construction waste, bacteria, dust mites, soot, nicotine, pet hair, and debris are being carried and circulated.

Additionally, the buildup of containments in your ductwork hinders air movement forcing your HVAC system to work harder and limiting its life lifetime.