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Myths About Air Duct Cleaning

Myths About Air Duct Cleaning
Your family’s ability to breathe easier and the efficiency of your HVAC system depend on regular air duct cleaning. Unfortunately, there are several fallacies about air duct cleaning that may cause some homeowners to be hesitant about this crucial service. Five of the most pervasive fallacies you’ve probably heard are debunked today.

Myth 1: Air Ducts Never Become Filthy
A common misconception is that air ducts don’t actually get that dirty; instead, it’s just another ploy for HVAC companies to steal your hard-earned money. Simply said, this is untrue. Along with the accumulation of dirt, dust, and pollen, some homeowners also have to deal with pests like insects and rats in their ducts. Your ducts might not require cleaning every few months, but it’s a good idea to have them inspected annually along with the rest of your HVAC system to see if and when they require cleaning.

Myth 2: Harsh chemicals are used in duct cleaning
Homeowners worry that a duct cleaning will expose their family to hazardous chemicals. Fortunately, using chemicals to clean the ducts is not necessary, and the majority of HVAC providers have non-chemical options that you may explore with them. Without using harsh chemicals, there are products that may effectively clean the ducts and stop the formation of mold.

Myth 3: Duct cleaning is only necessary for dehumidifiers.
Another widespread misconception is that if your air conditioner has a dehumidifier, you don’t need to clean your ducts because that could encourage the growth of bacteria. However, every air conditioning system has a drop tray to catch the water that arises from the air condensing over the coils. Although excessive moisture does make it easier for bacteria to proliferate, this is true. Sometimes, water in the drop tray can back up, enter the ducts, and promote the growth of mold and bacteria.
Your health can be impacted by dirty air ducts.

Myth 4: Only AC Causes Ducts to Get Dirty
Even if the air conditioning system is never utilized, forced air systems move air through ducts, which means that the air will become soiled. Heat or ventilation ducts will ultimately become dusty and require routine duct cleaning.

Myth 5: Air Ducts Have No Impact on Health
Few would contest that the smoggy air outside has an effect on their health, but many contest the notion that the air within their homes might also be detrimental to their health. Unfortunately, pollen, dirt, and other allergens can still enter your home even with air filters because they all move via the ductwork of your house. In the ducts, mold and bacteria can also flourish. These airborne particles lead to poor indoor air quality, which can cause health issues like breathing difficulties, headaches, lethargy, and other flu-like symptoms.

Check Your House and Contact Dr. Ducts
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Your health could be at danger if you believe common fallacies about air duct cleaning. Call the experts and look for hints. All of the aforementioned issues can be resolved by professional air duct cleaning, which will also restore the freshness and quality of your indoor air. You might be surprised by the amount of undesirable dust, dirt, and grime that can be eliminated if you contact Dr. Ducts for a complete cleaning. With Dr. Ducts, you can breathe with peace once more.