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Mold In Air Vents

Mold is frequently seen on walls, floors, furniture, and ceilings. It is much simpler to wash away mold in such locations, but if you observe the symptoms listed below that indicate the presence of black mold, you should take steps to improve your health and solve the problem.

Irritated eyes, headaches, trouble breathing, persistent coughing, and sneezing, irritation to mucous membranes of the throat and nose, and decreased focus are all unhealthy signs.

When running your AC musty odors are a sign of mold. Black dust that is uneven and difficult to wipe away might indicate that black mold is forming inside your vents.

If you are trying to attempt to remove mold from your vents It can lead to making the situation worse. Black mold produces spores, which can spread if not confined correctly during removal. This can spread the mold to other parts of your house, turning a minor problem into a major one.

 A professional like Dr. Ducts can find the source of your mold problem and help prevent future mold issues.