Living in a Dusty Environment

Is it vital for you to regularly clean your dusty home? Have you ever thought about what creates dust and how to avoid it? According to some research, the air inside our homes is likely to be far worse than the air outside. We do, however, provide some tips to assist you in creating a cleaner and healthier house with less thought and effort. Give us a call if you need some sound counsel.

Dust Generators

Let’s start with the dust’s origin. Your attic is a major source of dust in your home. If you look about your home, you will see that there are many penetration points, such as light fixtures. These perforations are typically the cause of dust in the home. Many of these penetrations are left hidden during construction. As a result of their launch, retrofit apps may become unlocked. It’s also a good idea to get your home’s ductwork evaluated. This also adds greatly to dust accumulation. Leaking ductwork in your HVAC system can gather microscopic particles, resulting in dirty air. These particles are made up of insulation, fiberglass, and other elements that enter your home via the air stream of your HVAC system.

Superior Quality Air Filters

Low-quality air filters, as many homeowners have learned, can wreak havoc on HVAC systems. A well-functioning system is built on air filters. This is one of the initial steps in reducing dust accumulation. If you’re changing dirty air filters more frequently than every couple of months, it’s time to upgrade to a higher-quality air filtering system.

The Staff Is Here To Help!

Finally, there are additional variables that might lead to a dusty house, but these are the most common. As you examine these areas, be sure to check all fixtures, ducting, and air filters. We propose collecting photographs of potential problem areas to aid in the hunt for remedies and the source of the dust. If you or someone you know is suffering excessive dust gathering, please contact us so that we can assist you in fixing your problem!