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How to Get Ready for a Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Whether you’ve never had professional air duct cleaning before or you’ve had it done previously, you should be aware of how to prepare for your impending appointment. While your duct cleaning professionals will do all of the hard work, there are a few things you can do to assist them in completing the job as quickly as possible.

Performing these basic procedures prior to the arrival of your duct cleaners will assist guarantee that the specialists can clean your ducting completely and swiftly. This allows you to return to your regularly planned daily activities with as little downtime as possible.

So, what should you do? Dr. Duct’s specialists have provided a basic duct cleaning preparatory checklist below.

Remove Clutter From Around Vents And Registers

To link up their cleaning equipment, your duct cleaning professionals will require easy access to your return vents and registers. Not only that, but they’ll be cleaning the HVAC components as well as the ducts, so make sure there’s enough room for the specialists to work.

If you have furniture, debris, or anything else near the vents and registers in your house, take it out of the way or put it somewhere else before the cleaning crew arrives. Make a point of inspecting every room in the home. If you don’t want the specialists to relocate your belongings when they come, make sure you transfer everything ahead of time.

Make sure there is enough space around your furnace or air conditioner.

If the professionals will also be conducting furnace or a/c cleaning (it’s a good idea to schedule these services concurrently), ensure sure these areas are also readily accessible.

Take a few minutes to tidy up around your outside unit if there is a lot of dirt or anything else that might make cleaning difficult. Sweeping up leaves and shifting garbage cans or yard equipment takes just a few minutes and can be of great assistance to your specialists.

Determine Where You Will Keep Your Pets

If you have dogs or cats (or any other free-roaming pets), you’ll need to plan where they’ll be while the ducts are being cleaned. Because of the nature of your home’s ductwork, the experts will need to leave doors ajar throughout the cleaning procedure, so keep that in mind.

Consider keeping your dogs outside during the visit if you have one. Alternatively, if you want to assure a completely pet-free environment, try booking daycare for your animal companions on the day of your service visit.

Determine Whether You Will Remain Or Leave

Do you want to stay during the duct cleaning appointment to see the process? That’s perfectly OK! However, duct cleaning may be loud, so if you have young children or live with an elderly family, you should leave the home during your service appointment.

If you want to depart, you must inform the experts of how to securely secure your home after they finish and leave the premises.

Conduct A Walk-Through With The Duct Cleaning Experts

When your duct cleaning company comes, take a few moments to stroll around your property and point out any areas of concern. While the professionals will thoroughly clean the whole system regardless, it never hurts to perform a quick tour to review the process and express any concerns you may have.