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Here is a summary of key points what the air duct cleaning process involves:

  • Inspection – A qualified technician will first assess the ductwork by visual examination and through airflow measurements to identify problem areas.
  • Containment – The ducts will be sealed off with plastic sheeting to prevent debris dispersal. Negative air pressure is used to keep particles contained.
  • Vacuuming – Powerful HEPA-filtered vacuums remove loose dirt and debris from the ducts, vents, registers, and other components.
  • Brushing – Rotating brushes scrub the duct surfaces to dislodge clinging particulates. Some companies may also use compressed air tools.
  • Disinfecting – EPA-approved disinfectants or sanitizers may be applied if mold, bacteria, or other contaminants are present.
  • Debris removal – All loosened debris is captured and contained for proper disposal, preventing it from spreading into the home.
  • Vent inspection – Vents, registers, grilles, and fan components are cleaned of any remaining particulates.
  • Air purification – High-tech air scrubbers filter out lingering airborne particles after the cleaning.
  • Final check – Post-cleaning inspection to ensure ducts are contaminant-free before reassembling the system.