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Cleaning Air Ducts After A Renovation

Renovations are a wonderful way to modernize and increase the value of your home, but they are often expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. When a renovation is completed, there is a sense of satisfaction and excitement at the prospect of moving into your newly renovated home; however, the renovation is not complete until the contractor has left!

If it’s drywall sanding, demolition, or some other interior home project, renovations produce dust. Renovation dust and debris often migrate beyond the work area and through a home’s ductwork. Keep in mind that dust follows the flow of air! So having an Air Duct Cleaning done after a renovation and cleanup is the best option.

Duct cleaning enhances indoor air quality by removing dust and debris, allowing you and your family to live in a healthier atmosphere. If inhaled, some building materials can be toxic. Although most employees will wear masks while working in your house, the same potentially poisonous dust will be forced into your HVAC system and into your family’s lungs until they leave. Clogged or dirty vents will reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, resulting in higher air conditioning and heating costs.

Air duct cleaning may be part of your renovation preparation and budget, but if you or your family are having increased allergies, respiratory issues, headaches, or other signs or symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality, you might need to hire a specialist.

Dr. Ducts is a specialist in indoor air quality and will be able to tell you if an air duct cleaning is necessary.