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How Long Will A Dryer Last

The dryer is one of several equipment in our home that we use on a regular basis. Is there anything that can be done to extend the life of a dryer?The average lifespan of a dryer is between 10 and 15 years, depending on how well it is maintained and how often it is used. …

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Is it possible for me to clean my air ducts myself?

Cleaning air ducts is not a do-it-yourself project when it comes to the details. It necessitates the use of instruments such as a high-powered vacuum and rotary brushes, which you probably don’t have in your garage. Your home’s lungs are your heating and air conditioning ducts. The ducts, like your lungs, perform better with clean …

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Home Resolutions for 2022

Changes, both great and minor, happen with a new year. People all throughout the world are attempting to improve themselves, acquire a new skill, and/or save money for something significant. We propose increasing your home security if you want to take care of yourself while also protecting your cash. Accidents in the home can endanger …

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Clean Your Air Ducts Before the Holidays.

Cooler weather and the danger of winter storms are on the way as the Christmas season approaches. As the temperature begins to cool outside, homeowners must take measures to stay warm indoors while keeping the cold out. Closing storm windows and turning on the heater aren’t the only things you should do to get your …

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Cost Considerations for Cleaning an Alabama Home’s Air Ducts.

The expense of house maintenance may quickly pile up. In contrast to renting, homeowners are solely responsible for the repairs and upkeep of their home’s various components. Some maintenance concerns are more important than others, therefore many difficulties are left to simmer on the back burner. This could make difficulties that you thought weren’t a …

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Why does Airflow matter?

There are several elements that influence airflow in your ductwork, but the bigger question is why does it matter? When addressing airflow, we look at five key factors: 1. Dimensions & length of your air ducts The more limited your airflow, the smaller your air ducts. Simply said, compact areas allow for less space for …

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Mold In Air Vents

Mold is frequently seen on walls, floors, furniture, and ceilings. It is much simpler to wash away mold in such locations, but if you observe the symptoms listed below that indicate the presence of black mold, you should take steps to improve your health and solve the problem. Irritated eyes, headaches, trouble breathing, persistent coughing, …

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