Are you still breathing in nasty air?

Breathing in contaminated air can be a high risk to your health. Assuming that most of our health issues are caused by being outside. We don’t realize that most of the time it is from being indoors as well. The air we breathe in while indoors is recirculated in our HVAC system at least 5-7 times a day. The air in your home is much nastier than actually being outside due to the fact it is trapped air. The best way to improve your home’s air quality can start with just a few simple DIY steps. Opening windows, purchasing purifying plants, using a natural cleaning spray, keeping pets clean, and cleaning your home. If you’d like a thorough cleaning of your ventilation system, schedule an air duct cleaning with Dr. Ducts. An air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of your HVAC/ Furnace system, by using forced air within the ducts, registers, and grilles. It helps remove or loosen debris found in the air ducts. So, stop breathing that nasty air!