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Allergen-Reduction Tips to Manage Holiday Pet Fur

The most wonderful time of year also happens to coincide with Fido and Fluffy blowing out their winter coats. As tumbleweeds of pet fur drift across your floors just in time for holiday hosting, you also risk sending allergy triggers swirling through your home’s ductwork.

Between seasonal shedding and overall excitement, as guests arrive, your furkids spread excess dander, hair, and other allergens into the air. Air duct systems then spread these particles into circulation, triggering reactions in sensitive individuals.

While you can’t fully halt the shedding process, you can curb some of the messy aftermath with these handy air duct tips:

  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce air moisture that makes fur/dander airborne
  • Change HVAC filters frequently over the holidays
  • Keep pet play areas closed off from the main home during visits
  • Bathe pets right before big gatherings to reduce loose hair
  • Schedule duct cleaning service calls between holiday events

Professional air duct cleaning removes the actual allergen triggers after the pet fur chaos subsides. Using industrial-grade vacuums and cleansing solutions, air duct experts can remediate dander, hair, and other particulates clogging up your ventilation system after each seasonal surge.

With some planning around peak shedding periods, plus post-holiday duct refreshers, you can entertain furry family members AND welcome human guests without triggering allergy flair-ups for anyone! Contact us to learn more about whole home air duct cleaning guaranteed to reduce lingering pet allergens.