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5 Mold Exposure Symptoms in the Home

Keep an eye out for these warning signals to keep your family safe.
Mold contamination may be a severe health risk for anybody living in a home. Mold produces mycotoxins as well as other potentially dangerous chemicals such as spores and allergens. All of these are hazardous to breath or come into touch with.
You may be exposed to mold without even realizing it. It might take up to six months for mold exposure symptoms to manifest, so the only way to determine is to take a test or have an expert analyze your house. The following are five frequent signs to watch for if you believe someone in your family has been exposed:
Mold Exposure in the Home: Five Symptoms

1) Allergic responses are a frequent indication of mold exposure. If you are allergic to mold or believe that someone else in your household is, look for symptoms like sneezing, congestion, and watery or red eyes.

2) Coughing- Chronic coughing is a sign that a person has been exposed to mold. This is caused by mycotoxins, which are present in most molds. If you regularly cough throughout the day for no apparent cause, this might signal an issue in your house.

3) Tiredness- One indicator that a person has been exposed to mold is fatigue. Mold exposure induces weariness and makes it harder for individuals to concentrate on their everyday responsibilities.

4) Difficulty breathing- You may have difficulty breathing while you are in your house or near an infestation. This is due to mycotoxins, which are prevalent in most molds and are released into the air during blooms or leaks from water or drain lines. If you can’t catch your breath after leaving these locations, it might imply there’s a problem within your home that needs to be treated right away by someone who knows what they’re doing!

5) Irritation- The last symptom is the most prevalent, although it might be difficult to notice. After spending a few hours in your house with mold exposure, you may feel grouchy or angry. This suggests you’ve been exposed for longer than normal, and you should treat it as quickly as possible before the symptoms worsen!

If you see any of these symptoms in your home, contact a specialist immediately once to discuss mold exposure. The sooner you notice and address the issue, the better off you will be! If you have children under the age of 18 who suffer from allergies, it is very crucial to treat the mold issue as soon as possible.