clean debris - air duct cleaning schedule

It’s a Brand-New Year: 3 helpful tips for your HVAC system.

Clean Up Any Outdoor Debris
You should minimize dirt and debris near the condenser unit (outdoor air conditioning unit). Your dryer vents, falling leaves, and lawn mower are all potential sources of dirt and debris. This helps allow for adequate airflow around the condenser.

Check Your Air Filter
Always make sure to have a clean filter in your HVAC system. This helps filter out most impurities from your air. These contaminants can include dust, mold, dirt, pollen, smoke, dander, and more. Frequently changing your air filter will help keep your repair costs down and keep your HVAC system running more efficiently.

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance
The HVAC system in your home is responsible for heating, cooling, and air circulation. Make sure you have both your HVAC system and your air duct and dryer vent cleaning scheduled as well. Call Dr. Ducts and ask for a routine cleaning.

Keep Outdoor Debris away from Condenser.